​​ Thanks to  Freshpetfor providing our canines with nutritious, fresh food and treats in their diet to help keep them  healthy and energetic as they do their work to protect the environment!  Freshpet, in partnership with
 The  Conservation Fund, ​is sponsoring Canines for Clean Water, a program that uses our canines to  help clean up the Lake Michigan watershed.


Phone: (517) 282-5493

Email:  k.reynolds@ecsk9s.com

ECS In Action ...

Photo by Nancy Greifenhagen

Taking Stormwater Quality 

Into The Future! 

    Environmental Canine Services LLC 
 (ECS) is an environmental consulting   company committed to improving
water quality through innovative 
methods.  Our scent trained canines 
provide a rapid means for
detecting and source tracking
human wastewater contamination in stormwater systems, streams,
rivers, lakes, and oceans.