​​​​Why Use Canines?   Because The Nose Knows!

Canines have unique olfactory systems that can smell odors at

concentrations of up to 100 million times less than humans can

and distinguish the elements of one odor from the those of

another odor.  That's why they have been used for many years

for important scenting jobs, such as bomb detection, arson

detection, drug detection, and search and rescue.  The role of

scenting canines is growing and now includes the ability to

detect important scents such as cancer, diabetes, bed bugs,

mold, gas leaks, and invasive plant and animal species.  

The pathogens in human sewage discharged into our waterways can harm the health of humans who swim, boat, and fish there, as well as harm the animals and marine life in and around the water.  Many times, the sources of the discharges are under ground, under water, or otherwise undetectable with human sight and smell.  But CANINES CAN SMELL WHAT WE CAN'T SEE OR SMELL.  Through ECS, they have become an important part of human pathogen pollution detection and elimination programs.

Video:  How Dogs See With Their Noses


Contact:  Karen Reynolds, President

Phone: (517) 282-5493

         Email:  k.reynolds@ecsk9s.com

Photo by Nancy Greifenhagen

Taking Water Quality Protection

Into The Future!

    Environmental Canine Services (ECS) is a unique environmental consulting company that uses scent trained canines to identify and source track human sewage pollution in storm water systems and surface waters that is caused by leaking sewer lines, illicit pipe connections, and failing septic systems.  Our work helps improve water quality for the health of humans, animals, and the environment.  Using canines for this purpose is rapid and cost-effective compared
to traditional methods.  The canines provide instant results, distinguish human from
animal source pollution, and can track
the pollution sources immediately.  ​​