"At first the scientists and the PhDs we brought down to look at the problem kind of looked at the dogs and said, 'What can they do?'" "It turns out the dogs were excellent. What started out as 'Are you kidding?' evolved into 'Wow, this is awesome!'"  "This showed us where we need to pay attention."  "It proved incredibly effective."‚Äč
             - Mayor Ben Lucarelli, Fair Haven, NJ

             (Regarding ECS's work with Clean Ocean Action and the Navesink River communities September 2016)


ECS was founded by Scott and Karen Reynolds in 2009 and is the first company in the world to specialize in using sewage detection canines to find illicit discharges of sewage in stormwater systems and surface waters.  Since that time, the company has become well-known for its successful work, has increased its range of services, and expanded its Canine/Handler teams to serve all areas of the country.  

The first ECS sewage detection canines were Sable and Logan, amazing dogs rescued by the Reynolds family.  Since then, ECS has added 5 more rescue dogs (Crush, Kona, Abbey, Remi, and Kai) and 2 canines chosen as puppies specifically to work for ECS (Kenna and Spec) to its regional canine teams.  We are proud to provide loving homes and fun sniffing work to these special canines!

Scott and Karen's expertise in canine training and handling and knowledge of stormwater systems and water quality issues have combined to help clients with detection and eliminatation of human pathogen water pollution.

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