One of our missions has been to utilize the natural talents of some exceptional rescue dogs to help us improve water quality.   We are proud that 5 of our 7 certified ECS canines were rescued by their Canine Handlers and are using their amazing talents all over the country.  

Since our beginnings in 2009, we have expanded our ECS team of professionals for nationwide coverage, establishing Canine/Handler teams and Environmental Technicians in the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest regions of the country.

Our Teams


 Midwest Region (Based in MI)

 Canine and Handler Teams:

   Dan Ringel and Abbey

Laura Symonds and Kenna

Western Region (Based in CA)

 Canine and Handler Teams:

Aryn Hervel and Crush

Aryn Hervel and Spec

Stephanie Burns and Kona

 Northeast Region - ECS Headquarters

(Based in ME)

 Canine and Handler Teams:

    Karen Reynolds (ECS President) and Remi 

Laura Suomi-Lecker and Kai

Scott Reynolds (ECS Vice President) 
Project Managers

Karen Reynolds and Scott Reynolds

Environmental Technician:

Donald Lecker