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"Using dogs to locate the sources of E. coli along the river
has been nothing short of a miracle."
​- Peg Kohring, The Conservation Fund Midwest Director


ECS canines give immediate results in the field regarding the presence or absence of sewage contamination in storm water systems and surface water caused by leaking sewer pipes, illicit pipe connections and failing septic systems. They only indicate the presence of human sewage sources and ignore animal waste sources.  These rapid, human specific results can reduce the number and expense of water samples traditionally needed to be collected and sent to the lab to determine the presence of human source pathogens, eliminates waiting for results, and allows immediate tracking of the contamination to its sources.

We have several types of services, which can be used separately or combined to fit your unique needs:

  • Storm water system investigations, including dry weather flow outfall screenings and source tracking for MS4s
    • Scent testing stormwater outfalls, manholes, catch basins, and other drainage systems
  • Urban or rural investigations for failing septic systems
    • Scent testing open drains, creeks, or properties near septic systems
  • ​Shoreline investigations (fresh or salt water) 
  • ​Watershed assessments (scent testing of water samples taken at potential "hot spots" in a watershed), at your location or shipped to us (our popular "Ship and Sniff" services)